Versatile Schipperke Award Program

Celebrating Success

This program is a way to acknowledge and recognize teams that participate in multiple events; it is a complimentary program to other SCA companion event awards such as Obedience/ Rally/ Agility Top 20. It is to encourage Schipperke owners to show off our unique breed in different activities and venues (at least one owner of record must be a SCA member in good standing).

Both the Versatile Schipperke Award (VSA) and Versatile Schipperke Excellent (VSX) awards allow teams to chart their own path – with 17 categories to choose from, you can select activities that suit your interests, aptitudes, and local availability. Within each category are “*” points – points are cumulative, but not additive within the same line. Using Category 3 as an example: Fido has achieved the Rally Novice (RN) and Rally Advanced (RA) Titles he counts 1* for RN, (as RN precedes RA) and then 2* for RA for a total of 3* for Category 3. If Fido has RN & URO1, it is still 1* as they are on the same line.

VSA requires titles or awards in three categories and a total of 7 points (stars). VSX needs 12 stars from four categories and one of those categories must be from either Category 2 (obedience), Category 3 (rally), or Category 4 (agility). Applying for the award is simple – provide an AKC, UKC or applicable title report or certificates, fill out the application (using the fillable form available on the SCA website), and email the packet to or . If you wish to mail hard copies, contact the committee for the address and do not send original documents.

To obtain your AKC report you need to access (or create) your account at add your dogs, click on Titles and Points, and then Printer Friendly Page. UKC has an online point check system Scans or photos of other title certificates from other registries are also accepted.

For dogs that have achieved VSA and VSX in the same year, (Congratulations!) you can either apply for VSA or VSX during the calendar year, but not both. Points never expire. Dogs may only earn one VSA and one VSX in a lifetime.

Teams receiving their Versatile Schipperke or Versatile Schipperke Excellent awards will be recognized in the SCA Bulletin after National Specialty. These special awards provided by donations from the Performance/Companion Dog Events Committee fund raising campaign.

The VSA and VSX awards celebrate the intelligence, athleticism, and work ethic of this amazing breed, join us in recognizing your accomplishments and achievements by submitting your application.

Approved by SCA Board – December 2023