Schipperke Rescue Organizations

The following organizations can assist individuals who are seeking to adopt a rescue Schipperke. They also provide services to displaced Schipperkes in shelters or whose owners can no longer keep them.

SCA Rescue and Health
Contact: Katharine Baptiste-Lazurka: 516-967-1347,
The Foundation does not actually rescue dogs but provides funding for medical care for purebred Schipperkes. Rescue organizations and individuals may submit applications to request funding to cover medical expenses for rescued Schipperkes. These applications can be found on our website.

Arizona Schipperke Rescue
Contact: Vicki Marks, 582-577-3007,
Primary Area Served: State of Arizona

Central Florida Schipperke Rescue
Contact: Sharon Furr;
Primary Area Served: State of Florida

Central Rockies Schipperke Club
Contact: Susan Fogleman; 757-926-4467;

Colonial Schipperke Club Rescue Program
Contact: Susan Fogleman; 757-926-4467;
Primary Area Served: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and adjoining states.

Erie Canal (New York) Schipperke Club
Contact: SCA Rescue Referral Chair; Kat Call; 951-926-3655;
Primary Area Served: New York State

Midwest Schipperke Rescue
Contact: Michele Kasten; 618-632-1567;
Primary Area Served: Upper Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, and adjoining states.

Recycled Pomeranians and Schipperkes
Contact: Melissa Bitting, (214) 775-064;
Primary Area Served: North Texas and Houston area

Schipperke Club of Southern California
Contact: Diane Johnson;
Primary Area Served: State of California

Contact: Susan Fogleman; 757-926-4467;
Primary Area Served: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and adjoining states, plus all areas not served by any other Schipperke rescue organization.