The Schipperke Club of America History

The Schipperke Club of America, Inc. was founded on April 10, 1929 in Suite 1027 of the Westinghouse Building at 150 Broadway, New York City. The first officers were elected:
President – Mrs. Henrietta Proctor Donell, New York
1st Vice President – Mr. Willard G Aborn, New York
2nd Vice President – Mr. J.C. Kinsley, Illinois
Secretary – Miss Frances Isabel Ormiston, New Jersey
Treasurer – Edward K. Aldrich, Jr., Rhode Island
Mrs. John Ranson, New York
Miss Clara Cochrane Ormiston, New Jersey
Mr. Harry L. Bailey, Massachusetts
Dr. S. W. Brown, Ohio
Delegate to American Kennel Club – Mr. Harold Gordon, New York
Honorary Members – Albert Payson Terhune, New Jersey; V. du Pre (President du Schipperkes Club de Belgique); R. Vander Snickt; V. Fally, Belgium.

At the first meeting, members adopted a Standard for the Schipperke which was essentially a direct translation of the Belgian Standard. The Club then applied for membership in the American Kennel Club and The Schipperke Club of America, Inc., was accorded the designation of Parent Club, a position which granted it exclusive control over the breed Standard. It still holds this position today.

After the adopted Standard was approved by the Parent Club and the American Kennel Club, it became the official American Standard. Thereafter, the American Kennel Club denied registration to all non-black Schipperkes. Today, although colored Schipperkes can be registered and shown in Obedience, they are still disqualified in the conformation ring.

The efforts of the Club on behalf of the breed were rewarded by increased entries at shows and by the eventual establishment of the Belgian-type Schipperke in the United States. Judging improved gradually, but some confusion remained over interpretation of several points in the standard. Consequently, in 1935 the Schipperke Club of America, Inc. passed a revision which clarified the size requirement and emphasized the heavier coat with distinct ruff and culottes, the distinguishing characteristics of the Belgian Schipperke. From that time forward judging results gradually improved in quality.

One of the first projects of The Schipperke Club of America, Inc., was the publication of a club booklet to provide information on the breed. A few years later, a revised booklet was printed to furnish more breed pictures for the education of the public. Still later, in 1940, an expanded book, which presented a more detailed history of the breed throughout the world, was published. This last book was revised in 1950. All these books were authored by F. Isabel Ormiston, founder member and club secretary, and printed from private donations. However, they were distributed through The Schipperke Club of America, Inc., as a service to the public for disseminating information on the breed. After the English breed book by Mr. E. B. Holmes, published in 1934, went out of print, these American books were the only ones on the Schipperke available anywhere at that time, and distribution became international.

Note – The above information was taken from the 1st edition of The Book of the Schipperke Club of America, Inc. by Isabel Ormiston, August 1929.

The club continued to thrive, holding its first National Specialty in New Jersey in 1930. Best of Breed winner was CH ‘Ti Noir of Kelso and Fleur de Wyde was Best Opposite Sex. There were no Nationals held in 1931 and 1945. In 1976 there was a spring National in Illinois and a fall National in Tennessee (this has been the only time a fall National has ever been held). There was no National held in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic however in 2021 there were 2 National Specialties held. One for 2020 and the other for 2021.

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Today SCA has over 300 members. There are 10 Regional clubs plus one group working on creating a new club.