Schipperke Club of America Publications

SCA Bulletin

The SCA Bulletin is the official magazine of the Schipperke Club of America and is published four times a year by the Schipperke Club of America. Its companion publication, The Schipp’s Log, is a a shorter online newsletter sent out several times per year. Members receive these publications as part of their membership benefits, but we are happy to provide subscriptions to non-members. You don’t have to be a member to receive the Bulletin!

The Online SCA Bulletin cost is US $30. To subscribe and pay online, just click on “SCA Bulletin Subscription” on the right.

We encourage those interested in our newsletter to consider applying for membership. Just click here to learn more.

The Schipp’s Log

Members also receive The Schipp’s Log, a short newsletter that is emailed several times a year, so everyone can stay up to date about the club and events.

The SCA Bulletin is made available on this SCA website to members and subscribers, who receive an email notification when each new issue is published online. Compared to printing and mailing, this approach has helped save the club money, plus the online version of SCA Bulletin displays mostly color photographs, and of course is available much sooner than the printed/mailed version.

The Schip’s Blog

The Schipperke Club of America has gathered a lot of general Schipperke information – to be found all in one place. These resources include: General Schipperke information, health and articles written by historians of the Schipperke Breed.