Schipperke Club of America Bulletin Advertising

The Schipperke Club of America publishes this magazine four (4) times a year. You do not have to be a member to subscribe. Support the SCA and be up to date on the latest news, wins and photos!

Annual Subscription Rates
(effective August 29, 2018)
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No charge, the Bulletin can be viewed and downloaded from the Members Only side

Non-Members – $30 per year

Bulletin Editor:
Marnie Layng


Advertising Manager:
Jamie Stanchina

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Bulletin Issue Final Submission Dates Publication Dates
Spring February 15th March 1st
Summer (National Specialty Issue) May 15th June 1st
Fall August 15th September 1st
Winter November 15th December 1st

Creation or design of all ads is included in the advertising fee for each size and type of ad with the exception of business cards. **Mardeck Graphic Design (MGD) would be pleased to provide you with a quote for designing your business cards or updating your existing cards and can be reached at

All advertising fees must be paid to the SCA Treasurer prior to any ad being published. MGD is looking forward to working with each advertiser to create the look and message they want their ad to deliver. When selecting the picture/s you wish to use in your ad, please make sure they are easy to see clearly. Scan the
pictures and attach them to an email with the people and dog/s in the photograph identified as you want them to appear in the ad. If you have a theme you want used for your ad, please identify the theme when you submit your ad content. We will do our best to support your vision.

Once MGD has created the ad, the advertiser will be sent a “draft copy” to review and approve, or to suggest changes that might need to be made. Once approved by the advertiser the final copy will be placed in the Bulletin for publishing. Should an advertiser wish to create their own ad, or have another Graphic Designer
create one for them that is fine, however fees will not be discounted as the service is already included in the fee. Those ads created for submission must also meet the Bulletin’s criteria as follows:

➢ Must be 72 dpi to a maximum 150 dpi (if it is over 150 dpi it will be reduced by MGD) before publishing.
➢ Must be designed as follows (with or without borders):

• 8 ½ x 11 inch for a full-size page, maximum 4 pictures
• 8 ½ x 5 ½ for a half page, maximum 2 pictures
• 8 ½ x 2 ¾ for a quarter page, one picture only

➢ Must only contain the number of pictures allowed for the size of the ad.
➢ Must not use any graphics or pictures that are copyrighted without written permission of the artist /owner being submitted to the SCA Bulletin Advertising Manager at
➢ May be submitted either by hardcopy and mailed to Jaime Adams-Stanchina, SCA Bulletin Advertising Manager, 29871 Lonnie Dr, Westland, MI 48185 or emailed in either jpeg, gif, png, or pdf formats to the SCA Bulletin Advertising Manager at