Join the Schipperke Club of America

Schipperkes & Schipperke lovers come from all over the world
to participate in the SCA. It’s a priceless learning experience!

Reasons to Belong to SCA

  • SCA holds the Schipperke standard in our hands. If you want a vote on the standard in the future you must be a member.
  • SCA hosts the premier Schipperke event – our National Specialty – in March, April or May of each year. People and Schipperkes come from all over the world to participate. It is a priceless learning experience and is maintained by the volunteer members. Become a part of this critical activity.
  • SCA breeders, backed by our Code of Ethics and Breeder’s Code of Ethics, set the standard for care about the future of the breed. Being an SCA breeder is something that is earned and respected.
  • You will be able to be listed on the Breeder’s Listing on the SCA website and in our magazine, The SCA Bulletin.
  • You would become eligible for top winning dog awards.
  • SCA is the Parent Club to AKC. Being a member of the parent club gives you an opportunity to understand and impact policies of the AKC through our delegate and other activities such as Judge’s Education, Meet the Breeds and canine health.
  • As a member of a Parent Club, one has the opportunity to vote for the judge for the National Specialty show.
  • And the best of all, you have the opportunity to work on any number of committees and meet lots of great people!

Become a Member

Membership in the Schipperke Club of America is open to all fanciers of the breed. Applications may be requested from the Membership Chair or downloaded from this page. Applications may now be filled out online, printed and mailed or emailed to the Membership Chair.

Membership Levels

  1. Regular memberships shall consist of persons 18 years of age and older who shall be entitled to every privilege and to participate in all benefits of the Club.
  2. Household memberships shall consist of two adult regular members living in the same household.
  3. Junior members shall consist of persons 10 to 17 years of age. They shall be entitled to all the privileges of a Regular member except that they may not hold office or vote. Upon reaching his/her 18th birthday, a Junior member shall automatically become a Regular member.
  4. Associate memberships  shall consist of individuals interested in the Schipperke breed or Regular members who do not wish to remain active. Associate members may not vote, hold office or serve on a committee; hence, associate members are not included in the makeup of a quorum. An Associate member who was not previously a full member may apply for full membership, after having been an associate member for two years. Associate members who have previously been full members may revert to full membership at any time by making application.
  5. Honorary memberships – Any individual who has rendered meritorious service to the Club or to the Schipperke breed may be elected an Honorary member by the Board of Directors, subject to acceptance by the individual. Honorary members shall be exempt from all fees, and shall enjoy all the privileges of Regular members except the right to vote or hold office in the Club. However, such members can maintain Regular (or Household) membership status by payment of dues. You cannot apply to be an Honorary member, only the board can bestow this honor.

Fillable SCA Membership Application Form

Membership Dues:

Application Processing Fee: $20.00
Individual: $30.00
Household: $50.00
Associate: $15.00
Junior: $15.00

You can pay the Application Processing fee here:


You can also send your check for APPLICATION PROCESS FEE ONLY at the time you send in your application. The application process fee is a separate charge and does not apply toward membership dues. Dues are billed upon acceptance to membership. Make checks payable to: SCHIPPERKE CLUB OF AMERICA, INC.

Membership Chair

Beverly Henry
1129 Lake Bluff Drive
Little Elm, TX 75068

*PLEASE NOTE Fees are subject to change.

Along with your completed application please include the following:

  • A short introduction, be sure to detail information about your interests in the sport of purebred dogs, titles you have put on your dog (s), and your future plans with Schipperkes.
  • A signed copy of the Code of Ethics (this will print when you print the copy of the Membership Application)
  • Your two signed sponsor letter forms (except for Associate members) – these will print when you print the Membership Application
  • And your check or money order, payable in U.S. Funds for $20.00 Application Process Fee. Do NOT send dues with your application.